Image II - Commercial

As a concealed direct-fastened Standing Seam Roof panel, Image II™ delivers a clean, linear elegance paired with unmatched quality and unrestricted thermal movement for a dependable, long-lasting and beautiful roof.

·         Hidden fastener system for residential and architectural use
·         Available in 26ga. & 29 ga.
·         Available in bare Galvanized and Galvalume
·         Paint Warranty – Colorfast 45 year, and Kynar 45 year.
·         26 ga. In full hard, 80 ksi Steel; 24 ga. 50 ksi steel
·         Install over a solid substrate only
·         3:12 minimum slope
·         Not recommended in lengths over 30’ 0”

·         Additional $7 / Square for crating; $50 minimum order

** Full line of trim flashing's and accessories available

Job Site Deliveries

- A job site delivery is a delivery to a location other than the customer’s primary place of business.

- All job site locations must be accessible by an 85’, 80,0000lb tractor/trailer unit. Accessibility is defined as the ability to enter, turn around, and exit the site. It is the customer’s responsibility to determine if Bar T Building Structures’ truck (s) can enter a job site prior to requesting a jobsite delivery. Safety to personnel, equipment, and products will dictate unloading capability. Bar T Building Structures’ drivers will have the final approval.

- All products unloading are the customer’s responsibility. Bar T Building Structures highly recommends that product over 20’ in length should be unloaded with two forklifts, or a spreader bar to prevent damaging the product.

- All products delivered to the jobsite will be dropped at one location. Additional drops must be approved by an agent of Bar T Building Structures, and could be subject to pay additional fees.

General Notes

- Any sheets less than 3’ will be charge a $1.00 cutting fee.
- Customer is subject to pay for any product that requires a skid. (inquire for pricing)

- All deliveries are subject to a fuel surcharge.

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